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May 27 2019


Free Job boards offering best opportunities

Free job posting gives you the choice to advertise on multiple websites the same job. Thus, it increases the more qualified candidate’s chances of viewing the job posting. The fact cannot be denied that paying for a website for job posting has inherent benefits. But, you must ascertain the job is online after paying so that job seekers view it.

Top free job boards receive high number of applications and so there is opportunity to short-list, interview, and hire from the vast pool of talents. The free job boards are mainly for small businesses, startups and home based enterprises as they cannot spend on advertising vacancies as the government organizations, multinational companies, and corporate giants.  Here is a list of top free job boards offering free job posting to individuals and businesses:


Jobisite.com is a website that gives its jobseekers no-cost access to reviews, salary reports, interview questions, and more. These are posted by employees. Jobisite allows posting jobs for free and is rising in popularity as top free job boards and also as a prominent recruiting site. Jobisite enables employers to update company info, respond to reviews, and to know who viewed their company profile.


Trovit is one of the pioneer search engine classifieds In Latin America and Europe. They are accessible in 12 languages, having their presence in 46 countries. Trovit partners with newspapers and job boards in thousands. They also help jobseekers in their search to be efficient. The listings of Trovit are visible as every month they have more number of users.


JobRapido is a job search engine that is identical to Indeed and SimplyHired. This job board is used in 58 countries and already has more than 50m registered users. It also has regular monthly users of nearly 30m. They are the prominent job aggregators and frontrunners continuing to expand not only in Europe, but also in the other parts of the world.


This is a free job and recruitment board developed by employers for employers. This is a site reaching a diverse, international and national audience providing niche services.


JobInventory is a search engine featuring ppc campaign. It means the results for the job search is given to jobseekers and the results given are 100% organic. They provide a wide choice as JobInventory posts jobs received through all the sources, regardless of whether it is from job boards, employers, and classified sites.


CareerJET offers worldwide presence and is an effective job search engine. They are available to access in 28 languages and have around the world over 70k websites. They operate and own two more brands namely, Optioncarriere for French markets and Opcionempleo for Spanish markets.


Recruit.net is a leading job search engine. They are located in the Asia Pacific region and they haul jobs from job boards, corporate web sites, classifieds, recruitment agencies, and find quickly jobs in millions. They provide ppc ads, tracking for recruiters and employers. Recruit.net operates in 6 major languages and in 18 localized websites.


This is comparatively new and gaining popularity. It also allows recruiters to access resume and have nice service for posting free jobs .

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